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Protecting our customers in the hospitality sector to deliver market leading technology solutions, proves to remain at the forefront for Eat IT Drink IT. Despite the lockdown our focus has been on how we continue to support our amazing customers to open their doors again safely and responsibly.

Working closely with our trusted suppliers we have a range of new solutions to meet the needs of every business whilst keeping staff, guests and customers safe. Our solutions are efficient, discreet and secure. They range from checking the temperature of people arriving through your doors, to account for staff in and out whilst capturing their temperature to managing maximum capacity of a venue without the need for door staff.

We believe thermal and safety solutions during these changing times will help with customer confidence in returning to hospitality. Our team has already successfully implemented this technology with a number of our customers. Talk to our team of experts today to explore which solutions are right for you, your staff and your customers to come out of lockdown successfully and responsibly.


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Thermal Screening

Thermal Screening

Provides a contactless solution for continuous and non-invasive temperature monitoring. A Thermal Camera is strategically placed at the point of entrance to measure the temperature of all guests, staff and suppliers who enter your premises.

The Thermal Camera is connected to screens that display the temperature results and an alerts- based system works off the reference point for the required body temperature. This system remains effective for screening even when faces are obscured with masks.

Discreet, safe and contactless management solution with:

  • High Accuracy for measuring temperature +0.3°
  • High Efficiency 800% more efficient than person to person testing
  • Intelligent Analysis with over 95% face mask dedication accuracy
  • Multi-People Management up to 30 people detected simultaneously
  • System Alerts based on body temperature accurate to within 0.6 of a degree

Thermal Screening may be the right safety solution for your business to implement and ultimately provide confidence to your staff and customers to return. It is easy to install, provides flexible deployment options and it is easy to use.

Thermal Screening with Attendance Tracking

Thermal Screening with Attendance Tracking

Providing you with secure software that can deliver accurate facial recognition, temperature control and ways to manage attendee numbers to your premises.

Face Recognition and Contactless Temperature Monitoring:

  • Securely holds 100,000 users, face images and 300,000 records
  • Recognises more than 360 facial expressions and delivers on speed of 0.2s per face
  • High level of accuracy recognition in back and front light
  • High Accuracy for measuring temperature +0.3°

Access Control:

  • Systematic way to capture staff clocking in and out
  • Attendance Management
  • Daily Temperature Reports

A discreet and non-invasive way of implementing safety that is measurable, accurate and easily managed onsite. Installation is simple with the option to mount to a wall along with a secure standing bracket.

Occupancy Level Checker

Occupancy Level Checker

Social distancing is likely to be with us for a while and it will be essential for all premises within hospitality to ensure ongoing safety of those arriving at your doors. Utilise purpose-built technology to enable you to place confident controls and measures in place to:

  • Encourage and maintain social distancing
  • Stop the potential for any over-crowding
  • Automatically count people entering and leaving the premises

There are two options when it comes to the equipment available to manage occupancy levels:

Option 1: Traffic Light System

  • Red/Green Signal Light
  • 5MP AI Bullet Camera
  • Dahua Technology Mobile Software
  • Easy Installation with free onsite training

Option 2: Computer Software

  • 5MP AI Bullet Camera
  • Dahua DSS Express License
  • Simple installation and free onsite training
  • Requires a PC to access and view the installed software


You can rely on us to provide you with the right solution as we understand every business still has its own unique requirements. Our team will work closely with you to explore which options are best suited to open your doors with confidence whilst delivering a positive staff and customer experience.

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