Eat IT Drink IT were invited to work with the UK’s leading traditional Pakistani cuisine restaurant group Akbars at the beginning of 2017. Akbars are consistently pushing to improve the quality of their food and their customer experience so embarked on a UK wide roll out of a tablet based digital ordering solution. The ability for their waiting staff to take orders at the table and for those orders to arrive in the kitchen within seconds ensures that customers are not left waiting long for their food. It also reduces errors by eliminating poor handwriting mistakes and lost orders as all items ordered update in the till system immediately. Eat IT Drink IT installed the latest Wi-Fi technology to ensure that all areas of the restaurants have sufficient signal for the new ordering tablets. Eat IT Drink IT have also installed the latest digital IP based CCTV systems to keep their investment secure and ensure that senior management can monitor the restaurants remotely when required.

Eat IT Drink IT are now developing an app that will allow customer to place their Akbars takeaway order and pay for their food online ensuring that their food is ready and waiting for them as quickly as possible, the app is going live in July 2017 so why not take a look.




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